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The purpose of this website is to support our science teachers in the endeavor to understand, master, and create 3-D curriculum for the new Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) standards.  This site was created in 2016-2017 through a STEM Action Center Professional Learning Grant.  It is updated periodically.  


This website is a great resources for teachers to re-learn the content and gather ideas for lessons on the new SEEd standards.  SEEd Storylines is a tremendous resources that is linked throughout the site and provides more detailed SEEd lessons that are turn key ready in canvas.  All lessons are editable and we hope that you make them better.    

The google drive contains resources for teaching science by "doing".  Several lessons in the google drive come from sources other than our school district.  Attempts were made to link directly to web sources if they were available.  Author's of lessons may not be credited or you may want it taken down.  Please contact and it will be resolved immediately. 

Likewise if you have lessons, edits of lessons, worksheets, or sites to add or share please email me at or use the link at left and I will add it to the website or google drive.  I hope this resource is user friendly and will help all of Utah's science teachers in the years to come.

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