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Utah Core Science Revision Information

USBE is currently in the processes of revising the Utah science standards. The first grade levels to be updated are the standards for grades 6-8. Tentatively, once the Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) standards for grades 6-8 are finalized and adopted the focus will shift to grades 9-12 and grades K-5.  The science community in Utah is hoping to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for all grade levels.  

The STEM Action Center has made grants available over the next three years to help provide assistance with the transition.  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math is at the core of NGSS.  Under this grant, elementary teachers in San Juan School District will work together to create lessons that use the NGSS and bridge the gap between science and math learning.   


Below are some resource links to help with this process.


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